What does the Acai Berry Taste Like ?

Fri ,18 Sep 09
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You have probably heard of Acai on television, radio, magazines, and internet forums but have not actually seen one nor have the opportunity to taste one. Well, this makes sense because if you don’t live in and around Brazil, there is little chance that you’re ever going to be able to see and touch a real Acai Berry and much less opportunity to be able to taste it.

Acai Fruit Appearance

Being called a berry, the Acai fruit has many of the typical characteristics of berries—round to semi-oblong shape, juiciness, brightly-colored, either sweet or sour, and soft edible skin. The Acai is mostly semi-oblong but sometimes an occasional perfectly round Acai is seen. The skin is as edible as the fruit’s pulp but the large seed needs to be crushed or pounded before you can actually consume it.

The Acai looks like a deep-purple grape but unlike the grape, the Acai contains 80% seed and 20% skin and pulp. This is what makes the Acai distinct from other types of berry. The Acai seed serves as its core or pit. Also, because of this, you have to have several Acai berry pieces in order to satisfy your hunger if you decide to use it as a meal.

The fruit is very delicate as well because it quickly perishes after just a day of being harvested. This is why you do not see any local grocery stores and produce markets anywhere in the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe that sells Acai berries. The only way to preserve the fruit for people around the world to enjoy it is to freeze-dry its extract or to turn it into concentrate.

Acai Berry Taste

Many people love the taste of fresh Acai Berries. Some say that it’s like the combination of various berries and melted chocolate. So imagine eating blueberries and raspberries and then getting the subtle after taste of a chocolate. Sounds yummy, isn’t it? No, you cannot buy blueberries and chocolates and throw them together in your blender. The Acai has this particularly unique taste so you should really try to buy Acai juice products if you want to get a perfect idea of how these berries really taste like.

Acai Juice is becoming one of the leading antioxidant-rich juices in the market today. You can see it more often at health stores and restaurants like your local coffee shop and bakeries.

However, getting an idea of how this fruit taste like should not be your greatest priority when buying Acai Berry juices. You should always make sure to buy products that come directly from one hundred percent Acai extract and not from concentrate. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to experience all the health benefits that Acai berries have to offer.

Now that you have somewhat of an idea how an Acai Berry looks like and tastes like, you should either go to Brazil and eat one or buy Acai juice and experience the magical effects of this amazing fruit.

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